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I Started Moser Design & Construction Services in 2004.

I've been in the Construction Industry since I was 16. I started as a laborer, as do most, for a company that taught me alot about the aspects of building houses. I've always had a "nack" for visualizing things in 3D that alot of people cannot.

I Graduated at Hellgate High School in Missoula in 1999. I Studied AutoCAD and Drafting all 4 years. After I Graduated I worked for a company called Russell Building Assistants, who sold and installed Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS). They also did what is called "shop drawings" or "pre-cut" drawings" were they took the architectural plans of a house and "panelize" them. Thus providing drawings for the manufacturer to "pre-cut" the panels too, before they come to the job site. I worked for Russell Building Assistants off and on while I finished High school (full time during the summer) then for almost 2 years after high school.

I also worked for other framing companies during down times for Russell Building Assistants, hence became familar with all aspects of house construction.

During that time I ended up doing almost all of the drafting and shop drawings, as well as working on the installation crew. We did almost every kind of panel house, from Log home roofs, to Timber Frames, to Commercial Buildings, to Residential Homes. There was such a demand for an "installation crew" (since none of the regular contractors were familar with panels) that we traveled all over the northwest installing them.

They are not particulary difficult or complicated but simply "new". Every building material has its quirks but the simplicity and speed of panels make them a very attractive material to use.

I like to think of these panels (SIPS) similar to the story of TJI/BCI floor joists. They were a new product in a time when EVERYONE used dimensional lumber for floor joists. It took quite awhile for them to catch on as a superior building material. Now, can you think of a house that does not use TJI/BCI floor joists for the floor? Panels are far superior (and more eviromentally friendly) then typical stick built homes. I urge you to investigate the information and testing done on sips panel systems I provide under the SIPS section. By the way panels can be used as a floor too.

A typical panel install was an average of 5-10 days usually with a 4 man crew including our boom truck operator and thats usually all it took to do walls and roof. The time and labor of these panels is a large part of the savings involved in building with them.

Update 2006

I was doing Structural Insulated Panel jobs on the side, while I worked full time for a company that provided, Overhead Garage Doors, Gate Systems, Elevators, & Custom wood overhead doors. I was a Technician as well as an Office Manager, I designed the custom wood doors in AutoCAD, as well as installed many. I was doing everything from Sales & Customer Service, to Purchasing, Bids, Inventory, Installations, Fabrication, Scheduling, Maintenance, & Management.

Update 2012

For the past six (6) years I have been working for a company Designing and Drafting building plans, in that time I have completed 100's of different projects, from Residential to Commercial. We used AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, eventually migrating over to Revit Architecture, which is a full 3D program. From my extensive knowledge and experience, I have the full capacty to produce a complete set of structural plans. I have learned alot over the past many years and it has mearly compelled me to pursue my passion for drawing even further.

Update 2014

For the past couple of years I have been working along side my father. I am currently a partner with my father's business Moser Cabinets. After the unfortunate deaths of 3 of my uncles in the last few years my father was in need of my help in his business. I continue to do Drafting & Design work, especially doing full 3D Kitchens designs for Moser Cabinets.

Update 2015

Also Check out my latest venture www.montanamugs.com

I hope that through all my skills we can achieve the project you have in mind in the best and most productive way possible.


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